Setting Sail ---Our School of Language and Literature(2019)

Welcome to Guilin, a world famous tourist destination, where Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University is located. Like the crystal-clear Lijiang River winding its way forward, Lijiang College forges ahead with determination.

The School of Language and Literature (SLL) was established in December 2018 (formed by merging some majors of the former Department of Chinese Language and Literature with the former Foreign Languages Department). Currently, it comprises seven majors, including Chinese Language and Literature, TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), English, Business English, Translation and Interpreting, Vietnamese and Thai. Among them, TCSOL is an exemplary major for innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and English and Business English are the key construction majors in Guangxi colleges and universities.

At present, SLL have more than 2800 students and a full-time faculty of 90 instructors, 84 of whom have Master’s Degree or higher,including 2 Chair Professors, 11 teachers with senior academic titles, 4 with Doctoral Degree and 4 foreign teachers, among whom, some are given school-level certificates and honors, including 21 Double Qualified Teachers, 2 Top-notch Talents, 4Promising Young Teachers and other 5 Teaching Masters.Our team values the qualities of perseverance, synergy, communicationand efficiency, andthe goal of our team is to producetalents for social and economic development.

SLL makes full use of modern educational technologies to promote teaching innovation. There are 12 Interactive Language Labs with well-equipped network multimedia, 3 Microteaching Classrooms, 1 Simultaneous Interpreting Language Lab and 1 Training Room for Business English. Besides, 17 Platforms for network teaching and experimental training, covering all majors and students, are also equipped to meet the needs of students’ basic language competence and professional capacity.

Highlighting the training of application-oriented talents and the programs’ characteristics, SLLhave founded 5 research institutions, which include Sinology and Local Culture Research Center, Teachers’ Education and Development Research Center, and Guilin Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Lab, International Language Culture Experience Center and Guilin Intangible Cultural Heritage Publicity Research Center. These Research Centers explorea feasible way of training applied talents through by combining teaching theories with practice.

SLL has vigorously strengthened the building of excellent teaching staff, focusing on training Program Leaders, Promising Young Teachers, Double Qualified TeachersTeaching Masters and so on. There are many industry experts, business managers, middle school principals and a number of foreign teachers teaching and training students. In teaching and scientific research, teachers in SLL strives for perfection, truth, goodness and beauty, makinggreat contribution to the improvement of teaching and talents training quality.

To consolidate the foundation of CPC’s building and strive for first-class performance, we believe that a CPC member serves as a role model. As an Excellent Unit and CPC Branch of Lijiang University, we earnestly studies and practices Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Relying on common sense, we are dedicated to promoting the quality-oriented development with our initial dreams.

Adhering to the concept of training applied talents, SLL has built more than 20 student associations, and has long held various cultural activities closely combined with study programs.

Taking advantage of its regional advantages, SLL has carried out teaching reform, hosted many academic seminars at provincial and school levels, and has become a model school of Lange Language Learning Platform, a model unit for the reform of Paperless Foreign Language Examination.We signed cooperative education agreements with 15 primary and secondary schools and other 20 enterprises, such as Transn(Wuhan), Guilin No.8 Middle School, Guilin No.11 Middle School, Guilin No.16 Middle School, Yanshan Middle School, Yangshuo Lijiang Middle School, etc. with more than 90 invited extramural tutors.Five courses have been offered in the internship base, to further deepen the cooperation platform of production, learning and research. In recent years, we have been entitled more than 10 first-class prizes, 30 second-class prizes and 40 third-class prizes in teaching and scientific research field. More than 20 publications, 2 translation books and more than 300 scientific papers about teaching have been published.

SLL has taken full advantage of the international exchange and cooperation resources, signing agreements with 15 famous universities from the United States, Britain, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Germany respectively. More than 1000 students of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese International Education Programs have been sent to state-level universities inThailand, Vietnam with creditsmutual recognition courses, internships and internships, based on the "3+1" talent training model (which stands for 3 years’ domestic study and 1 year’s overseas study)

Talent training is the mission and basic function of higher education. SLL has always committed to training application-oriented talents who serve the local economic development, and our talents have been widely recognized by the society. In recent years, the students haveparticipated in various professional competitions at national and regional levels and won more than 200 awards. In the past five years, we have taken six projects approved by the Ministry of Education as “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training”. More than 200 students have been enrolled for postgraduate study and 3 students for doctoral study. Graduates of SLL are working and studying all over the world in countries such as the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Germany and other countries. The talents of SLL enjoy a good reputation serving the whole world.

Our outstanding achievements in program construction and talents training have attracted the attention of colleges and universities both inside and outside the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. More than 30 colleges and universities came to visit and exchange ideas with us, which has enhanced the social influence SLL.


The accumulation in the past decade contributes to today’s leapfrog development. It is inseparable from the care and support of leaders at all levels, all faculty members and people from all walks of life.

Nowadays, the School of Language and Literature, carrying new hopes, shouldering new missions and setting foot on the new era, is setting sail and heading forward.